Portfolio / Resume


Click here for a copy of Ariel’s resume.

Ariel writes hard-hitting investigative stories about environmental issues vital to her community. Lately, she has written about the common practice of eating contaminated fish from an EPA superfund site, secretive plans for toxic cleanupstown officials overstepping data in their actions against a wind turbine developer and the ins and outs of Cape Wind’s permits.  Recently, she published a financial investigation of New Bedford Harbor’s contaminators.

She also writes explanatory pieces breaking down the complex science behind cranberry bogs and nitrogen pollution, state noise regulation testing and how sound waves work. Most recently she has explained natural gas pipeline problems and solar power policy issues.

On a town level, she has covered everything from the quirky process of street acceptance, to commercial quahogging, to whaleboat races to flawed town elections.  She also covered the aftermath of the Boston Marathon Bombings and how to sell cranberries to unfamiliar markets.

Most recently, she has been looking into the effects of zoning laws on environmental issues in her communities.

Ariel is also experienced in covering state politics, reporting on the political and policy implications of the 60-year fight for commuter rail service to New Bedford. She has also covered the state budgeting process and home rule petitions.

Ariel has been published by ProPublica and The Center for Public Integrity. In college, she was the editor in chief of the Brandeis Hoot, where she made a name for herself by being unafraid to tackle issues like intimidation of student employees, the university budget, the experience of race on campus, and the unintended effects of increasing the student population.

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